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Morocco water pump project has been completed successfully

Date:2015-07-21  Source:企业宣传

Liu Fei and Wu Wei, technicians from the Solar Water Pump Group of our Company, arrived in Moulay Bousselham, Morocco on May 11, 2015, and participated in the local "VILLAGE DURABLE" Solar Water Pump Project assisted by Chinese Embassy. They were responsible for the design, materials preparation and construction of this project. This project was invested by the Chinese Embassy in Morocco, which was intended to provide daily life drinking water for the local 5000 villagers. The system configuration which provided domestic water for villagers was: 4Kw solar panels, head lift of 90m, flow of 30m3/day. This project was completed on May 31. Leaders from the Chinese Embassy in Morocco personally went to the site to check this project, and spoke highly of it. The local government and villagers extended a sincere welcome and thanks to the Chinese Embassy and the construction personnel dispatched by the Poly Solar. The implementation of this project has played a positive and impellent role in promoting the friendship and the cooperation in the new energy field between the two countries.